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BTR Story - part 1

Big Time Rush story
By: Chase
( Is a long story, so, don't have fakes )

"Now you boys be good! We'll be back Sunday at around noon." Mrs. Knight said as she and Katie headed out the door. 
"Come'on mom!" Katie yelled from the end the hall back to her mother. "We'll be late, let 
"ALRIGHT ALREADY!" Then she sighed, said her good-bye and went down the hall. 
James and Kendall were standing at the door and Logan and Carlos who were sitting at the counter top. They were both dressed up to go to a casting party all the way in El Cajon, while Katie and her mother were going to Barstow to see a family friend. James and Kendall were not going anywhere this weekend because they, even as 18-year-olds, were grounded. Last week they made a mess of the ground floor of the Palm Woods. Logan and Carols both had airtight alibis, but James and Kendall were both guilty as charged, so for the weekend, they were not allowed to leave the suite or have anyone over for any reason what so ever. With that, they have both of their neighbors and Mr. Bitters on high patrol for rules being broken. So this weekend, for James Diamond and Kendall Knight, would be a very long one. 
"Carols, ya' ready?" Logan asked. 
"Yeah, just let me get my shoes on." Carlos responded. He went over to the door and put his shoes on. "Alright, I'm ready." 
"Sweet, lets go. We gotta a long drive ahead of us." 
"Yeah, lets go!" He looked over to where James and Kendall. "Havea nice weekend you two!" He mocked them. Kendall was pissed at the fact that he could not go. He lunged forward a few feet toward Carlos as if he was about to go after him. Carlos ran out the door laughing. Logan followed him and closed the door behind him. 
Kendall sighed, 
"Of course, the weekend Jo and I plan on spending the night together, I cant leave the Palm Woods." He looked over at James who was nodding in agreement. "I haven’t busted a nut for months!" 
"Wow, really?" James asked. 
"Yeah," Kendall responded. "Its all thanks to you. I shoulda' known that 'Would a pressure washed clean up a hotel lobby in record time?' wasn’t a real science experiment." James snickered to himself at the thought of that. Kendall heaved a big sigh as he plopped down on the couch. 
"What the hell are we supposed to do this week end?" 
"I have no idea, but I'll be in my room." Then James went up stares. Kendall turned on the TV and started flipping through the channels trying to find some thing good to watch. 
After about 30 minutes of finding nothing interesting on TV, he gave up and turned it off. He put the remote back on the table and just laid there staring up at the ceiling. Just thinking, 'Fuckin' damn... I was so close to fucking Jo, and this happened. Fuck my life'. He looked down at his pants, he could see an obvious bugle from his jeans. He maneuvered his hand around his thigh and placed his hand over the bump in his jeans. He could feel his soft shaft constricted by his tight jeans. Slowly, he started rubbing his shaft. It extended over this leg and almost touched his thigh- flaccid. Erect, Kendall's dick is a total of 13 inches. He knew out of all the band members of Big Time Rush, he had the biggest dick. 
He stopped rubbing his still soft cock to take off his shirt. He lied there, with his beautifully tones abs showing. His small patch of chest hair between his 2 pecs and his thin happy trail extending from his midchest down his abs, then to the goods below the waist. 
He didn’t want to get a boner just yet. He still had his jeans on, and he would feel constricted. But he couldn’t help but imagine his girlfriend, Jo, walking in from the door, completely naked, and having his way with her. Deep in his fantasy, Kendall drifts off to sleep. 
Up in his room, James was lying on his bed watching TV. He knew a secret to be able to get all of the free porn any man would want. He also had his shirt off. His abs were a little smaller than Kendall’s, no chest hair, and he was in the first stages of a happy trail. James didn’t have pants on, just blue striped boxers. 
James was hard. Harder than usual. The scene he was watching had a college couple in it. They were at the point where he was shoving his entire dick inside and out of her loose vagina. It soon became apparent to James that they were faking it. That’s when he started to loose interest. He looked down at his dick. He was watching as it was slowly deflate, until it was resting on the outside of his boxers, completely flaccid. In only a few seconds, it went from a hard 9 inch dick to a flaccid 5 inch. James loved his dick. He knew he had the biggest dick of all of his band mates, well, or so he thought. 
He was still extremely horny, but at the same time, drowsy. He was about to fall asleep, when a loud, deep voice jerked him awake. 
"Today, on 'Bareback Twinks', 'College Time!'" 
James gasped when he heard this voice. He looked up at the TV to see 2 college boys going hardcore. He cringed his face, grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. He tried to get the picture out of his head. He did eventually, but 2 seconds later he could feel blood rushing it his shaft, filling it up and making it stand up. His head flushed dark pink and his entire dick started throbbing. 'What?’ he thought to himself. He looked over at the remote. He was contemplating in his head weather to turn the TV on or not. He decided to turn it on. 
He first saw 2 guys in a college dorm room. One was sucking the others dick. Then a few minutes later a straight guys come in and they started to bang him after paying him. James's brain screamed 'disgusting', but his dick said 'hot!'. 
The scene ended with the two gay guys shooting their load on the guys face. That’s when James had had enough. He turned the TV off and looked down at his dick. It was twitching with blood. He wrapped his hand around it. Then, with out even moving his hand up and down, he shoot his load. Everywhere. It went all the way from the foot of his bed, to his neck and chin. He stared at all of the hot semen all over his bed and body. He was mortified at what he came too. He quickly acted. He grabbed he tissue on his bed stand and  cleaned all of the semen off of his body.
He lied back down on his bed and closed his eyes and feel asleep. He had a dream that he went to a club and found a hot blonde. He took her into the bathroom and fucked her hard. He woke up when he came in his dream. He looked down to see a flaccid cock. He was confused. ‘When did this happen?’ He thought to himself. He shook his head and got up. He went down stairs to get his thoughts cleared on the event he just experienced. 
It had gotten dark outside when he reached the top of the stairs. He looked down at the couch. He saw Kendall sleeping, shirtless. He walked down the stairs and went to the foot of the couch. He looked Kendall up and down. It was obvious to everyone that Kendall was the stronger one. He was well built and had giant muscles. The biceps on his arms were mountains rising up from his arms, his pecs were giant on his chest with a small patch of chest hair tucked in between them, and he had a distinct six-pack on his stomach. He had a solid trail of hair going down from his naval to the family jewels below. James could see the top part of his pubes popping out of Kendall’s pants. He had jeans on with his feet almost right in James’ thighs. James looked at Kendall’s crotch. He saw no bulge what so ever in the fabric. He just smirked  and went to the kitchen. 
He was behind the counter when he heard Kendall stand up, awake and stretch. He looked up to see him with his arms above his head. He had a nice load of pit hair under each arm. He looked over and saw James staring back at him. 
“Like wha’cha see?” Kendall asked him. James just grunted and looked away. 
“Right…” He replied sarcastically. Kendall chuckled and got up. He walked over to the other side of the counter and sat down on the bar stools. He sighed as he sat down and he buried his face in his hands. “Aw… some one looks sad!” James mocked. Kendall spread his fingers and poked his eyes out to look at him. James had his lip sticking out in a mocking style puppy-dog face. 
“I’m not sad, I’m mad as hell!” He exclaimed taking his head put of his hands. 
“Lemme guess, Jo…”
“Fuck yeah Jo! I was gonna bang her fuckin’ brains out, but now…”
“Well, you could still bust a nut…”
“To what?” 
“I’ll show you.” James said slyly. He walked out from behind the counter and walked over to the television. He turned it on, hit a couple of buttons and waited a couple seconds. Then a porn scene came on. Kendall came over and sat down, hooked onto the scene. James got up and went into the back room. He came back out with packs of beer and tequila. Kendall looked up at him and smiled as James sat down next to him. 
*   *   * 
3 scenes, 10 bottles of beer, and 3 bottles of tequila later, the boys were drunk and full on horny. James looked over and saw no budge at all because Kendall had his dick going up his leg that was propped up between him and James. James started to burst out laughing. Kendall looked over with confusion.
“What?” He asked. 
“Nothing, nothing!” James yelled back still laughing. “Its just that,” He pointed to Kendall dick. “You havea tiny dick bro!” 
“Yeah! Right!”
“You do! Come one! All muscle, strong, good lookin’. You have it all but a big dick.”
“What the fuck are you takin’ about? I have a giant dick.” 
“Prove it!”
“Okay, I will.” He reached down to his jeans to undo them. “Wait,”
“I don’t know if it is the alcohol talking, but we compare dicks.”
“Okay,” James said going to pull down his short. 
“But! If you wanna, the guy with the smaller dick… has to suck off the other.”
“Deal! I needed some head anyway.”
“Not as much as me! Okay, on three. One, two, three!!” Kendall yelled. James pulled down his shorts and his rock hard 9 inch dick shot up. James undid his jeans and unzipped his fly. He pulled down his jeans along with his boxers and up jumped his monster, hard dick. 
James’ jaw dropped. He stared in astonishment. All 13 inches was right in front of him. 
“Yeah! Huge isn’t it bitch!”
“The fuck you just call me?”
“I called you a bitch! You know why?”
“Ugh-ugh, you can’t be serious!”
“I fucking am!”
“No!” James yelled. Kendall boiled with fury. His nostrils were flaring and his teeth were grinding with pure rage in his eyes. He didn’t hesitate grabbing James by the shoulders and throwing him on the ground. “What the fuck!?” James yelled. 
“You are gonna suck my cock and you are gonna suck it hard!”
“Dude I’m straight!”
“So am I…” Kendall said calmer. “But I’m so hung man! I’m even willing to do you too!”
“What no!”
“Look, we bet! And if you back out of the bet you don’t deserve those balls!” Kendall said pointing to James’ balls that were tucked over his shorts. 
James just lied there, propped up by his elbows. He stared back up at James with his built chest and his beautiful set of pubes above the monster thick and long dick throbbing straight in front of her. 
“Look,” Kendall uttered, breaking him from his trance. “I really am willing to suck you off too. I just need you to do me first.”
“How do I know that you will do me after- if- I suck you.”
“Bro’s honor!” Kendal said and outstretched his arm. Kendal smiled slightly and took it. Kendall pulled him up into a bro hug and their dicks rubbed up against each other. Kendall pulled away from James while his dick was rubbed against Kendall’s stomach. 
“Hey better there than in your mouth… which is where its gonna be!” James said. Kendall sighed,
“Yeah… but at least I go first!”
“Good for you!” Kendall just laughed and sat down next James. “Well when should I start?” 
“Ugh now would be good!” Kendal nagged. James exhaled uncomfortably and sunk from the couch to the floors on his knees. He stared up at the now softening dick that belonged to Kendall. James bit his bottom lip and slowly stretched his head up and over his dick to face it from the top. He could now only see the light pink head. 
James’s jaw started to shake as his mouth opened and wrapped his lips around the head of his dick. He could hear Kendall moan immediately on contact with his dick. The head soon flushed pink and began to grow inside of Kendall’s mouth. Kendall moved his hand up and put it on the back of James’s head. He shoved his head down all of the way making James gag on the first thrust, but Kendall did not care. He just brought his entire head back up and back down on his dick again and again over and over again with a gag coming from James’ throat every time. 
James- for some odd reason- somewhat enjoyed this. The feeling of Kendall’s throbbing dick being forcibly shoved down his throat turned him on in a way that James could not understand at all. 
Kendall moaned with every pump. He like the gagging sound that James made and the bobbing sound that he made as his lips ran over his throbbing shaft that was moist with James’s saliva. Kendall quickened his arm motions and could feel and hear the gagging in James’ mouth quicken. James moaned at the begging of the fast pumping then it grew as it quickened even more. James was now on the verge of screaming in pain and agony. He pulled away from Kendall’s grip. He fell back and caught himself by his arms against the table. 
“The fuck why did you stop?” Kendall said out of breath. James panted heavily for about 15 seconds. 
“T… To… Too f-fast!” He panted. He looked down at the deeply throbbing cock and the deeply flushed pink head with precum oozing down the head and covering the entire head making it glisten with his sweet manhood. 
“Sorry man. I just haven’t had it in a while so…”
“Oh… you know, I had a girl do this to me, but I can’t do it as good as her.” 
“Alright man!” Kendal said. He lifted his arm behind his back and intertwined his fingers behind his head showing his nice clump of pit hair under each shoulder. James could somehow fell new blood rush to his dick at the sight of Kendall’s pit hair. James took hold of his dick and start to jack it without Kendall seeing. 
James took hold of Kendall’s dick. Kendall has an un-cut dick and because its so giant, his head comes out of his foreskin when his is erect. James grabbed hold of the bottom of his dick and placed his tongue over his head and brought the skin up to cover the head and James’s tongue. He then ran his tongue around the head. 
“AHHH!” Kendall moaned in pure ecstasy. “Fuck! That’s fucking amazing! OH! AH!”
James removed his tongue from the head and brought the foreskin back down. He resumed to licked and wrap the shaft with his tougne. 
“Shit! Shit! Shit shit shit shit!” Kendall screamed. He pulled James’s head away from his dick and started to jack his own dick he ran his hand down and up the shaft with James’s saliva as a nice lube. James sat up on the table and stared at Kendall as he came. 
It was everywhere. Kendall’s balls tightened and sent his manhood from them, up the shaft and out the head to land on the couch, his chest, pubes, legs, run down his dick and to his hairy balls. 
James could feel his heart beat hit him two times so much that he gets dizzy and fall forward a little bit but he caught himself. He looked back at Kendall. He had his eyes closed and he was still throbbing hard. James- for some odd reason- wanted all 13 thick inches of Kendall’s dick up his tight virgin hole. 
“You good now bro?” James asked. Kendall took a few minutes to catch his breath before he responded,
“Yeah… oh yeah!” James smirked. 
“Your welcome! Now its your turn!” James said. 
“Okay, but… please just gimme’ a minute to clean up and… at least take a break!”
“No prob’ bro. I gotta’ go to the bathroom anyway.” He said then he pulled his shorts up over his still throbbing dick that swayed from side to side with every step that he took. 
He reached the bathroom and immediately dropped his shorts. He sat down and spread his legs and he leaned over to see his tight ass hole for the first time ever. He smiled at the sight of his nearly hairless crack. He had a nice amount of leg hair that went from his ankles to his thighs, but there were a few hairs growing on his ass, but no where near his crack. 
James spat on his hand and used his fingers to make his ass wet. He licked his finger and quickly stuck it into his ass. He felt little pain and a great amount of pleasure. 
He fingered himself for a few minutes until he was used to it and the pleasure set in. He was in full ecstasy. He stopped realizing that the real thing was in the living room waiting for him. James stood up and pulled his pants back on. He opened a cabinet above the sink and reached up to the top self and pulled a condom out of a pack of Trojans. He slipped it into his pocket and tucked his dick- about to burst- between his legs so Kendall would not see it.
James stepped out of the bathroom and walked over to the living room. He sat down next to Kendall.
“Well?” He asked Kendall. 
“Well what?” He asked back. 
“It’s time for you to make me cum.”
“Make you cum? Alright, bros honor…” Kendall said uncomfortably. 
“Ugh… no… I gotta’ better idea.” James said. 
“That would be- no! You sick bastard you can’t fuck me!”
“No what!? Ew! That’s sick!”
“Okay… good… what do you havein mind then?” He asked. James leaned in to whisper. He whispered something but Kendall couldn’t hear it. “What?” He asked again this time he could hear what James said,
“You fuck me!”
“SHHH!” James shushed. “You fuck me! Look listen to me. I’m not gay, but I don’t know why I want this. It just seems so pleasurable.” He took the condom out of his pocket. “We’ll be safe, and I can guarantee you its tighter than any pussy!”
“Bros honor remember?” James said. Kendall sighed,
“You have to bring that up!”
“Yep. Now suit up!” He threw him the condom. “At least your on top!” 
Kendall sighed in pure uncomfort. He pulled down his jeans and boxers looking at his clean, and soft dick. 
“Here let me get that for you.” James said. He wrapped his hand around Kendall’s dick and began to pump. Kendall could not help but become horny and he got hard within seconds. James took the condom and opened it. He slipped it over the head and ran it down the shaft. It reached to be about an inch from the base of his dick.
“How big are these?” Kendall asked. 
“Extra large…” James replied with a smirk. Kendall smirked at his monster dick. After it was all the way on, he slid off his shorts completely so that he was now naked in front of Kendall and he steeped over Kendall legs. His bare ass was hovering a few inches above Kendall’s head. “Now…” James said calmly. “Lay back and spread your arms. I’ll take care of the ride, you just enjoy it!” 
“Good!” James said. He turned around and took hold of Kendall’s dick. He held it steady as he lowered his ass and his entire body on it. He could feel the head spread his cheeks then reach his hole. 
James moaned at the slightest touch of Kendall’s dick against his ass. He slowly dropped his entire body on to the monster cock. He moaned and groaned as it slowly made its way up his tight virgin hole. When it was about halfway in, he could feel two arms snake around his waist and grip his ass cheeks. Then they forced them down on his cock in a second. 
“AHHH! AH! AH! AHHHH!” James screamed. He looked down- panting- at Kendall who had a smile on his face and a look of sheer pleasure in his eyes. “I knew… you would like it!”
“Hell yeah motherfucker! This is the tightest shit I’ve ever pounded!”
“Can it be the hardest?” James asked seductively. Kendall looked up at him. 
“What?!” James asked. Kendall took hold of his ass cheeks and pulled him off of his cock. They both stood up and Kendall pulled down his jeans and was now completely naked as well. 
“Bend over!” He commanded. James happily obliged by stepping over to the side of the cough and resting his elbows on the arm rest making his ass stick up in the air. Kendall followed him and replaced his dick at the entrance of his ass. Without hesitation, he shoved it all the way in,
“AHHHH! Fuck! Fuck me! Pound me! Drill me!” James begged. 
“If that’s what you want!” Kendall replied and retracted his dick out and shoved it back in making James scream again. “God this is tight!” Kendall muttered. He slapped James’s ass and he could feel him loosen up. 
Then they got into the rhythm it was slow and steady at first but quickly grew into a rapid pounding of James’s ass. Kendall was sweating bullets from all of the energy he used to bang James. James was sweating too from the sheer pleasure. Both of their extacy levels were through the roof and their heartbeats were faster than a humming bird’s wings. 
“Not as amazing as your tight ass!!!! I WOULD TAKE YOU OVER JO NOW ANY DAY!” Besides their moaning, groaning and screaming, there was the sound of their flesh slapping together as well as Kendall’s balls slapping together with James’s dick. Over all they spent two hours fucking hard. 
They stopped at one point to have James turn over and them to fuck missionary style. James used the back and forth motion of Kendall fucking him to jack. 
Soon they were both on the verge of cumming and cumming hard. James could hear Kendall pant harder and harder. He finally pulled out of James and left his ass a roaring hot temperature. The sight of Kendall all sweaty and throbbing made James grab his dick and jack hard. Kendall climbed over him and he was now between his legs and his dick was right in James’s face. James quickly grabbed it and stuffed it all into his mouth after taking off the condom. 
“AHHH! AHHH!” Kendall screamed. “Shit fuck fuck FUCKKKK! Im gonna cum!” And with that he sent ten ballfulls of sweet semen into James’s mouth it oozed out of his mouth and down his chin and all over his chest. Kendall was still cumming when he pulled his dick off James’s mouth and continued to cum all over his face and hair and James swallowed the delicious cum that was in his mouth. The sweet and salty taste on Kendall’s cum sent him over the edge and made him cum too. He came and his sweet semen all over Kendall’s back and ass as his chest too. 
Once they were all cummed out, they lied there in their own little sea of semen. 
“That was amazing and I have never been more satisfied in my entire life.” Kendall said. 
“Told you!” James replied. They then fully caught their breaths and went up to take a shower. 
James led Kendall to his shower and he turned it on and waited for it to get warm before he stepped inside. 
“Hey,” Kendall uttered.
“Look what I brought up.” He said then he held up the condom they just used. James smiled and nodded as he opened the shower door. He let Kendall step in first as he slipped the condom back on. James stepped in and ran his hands down his body washing off any other cum that was on him. 
Out of nowhere, a giant cock was straight through his hole and up to the max in his ass. 
“HELLO!” He screamed. He turned his head around to see Kendall begin to pound.           
“Yeah! Tight as everr! AHH! Oh fuck yeah! Shit it tight!”
The warm water made their skin glisten and the experience heighten. So much that they only fucked for 5 minutes until Kendall came. James turned around and turned off the water and brought Kendall’s face down to his dick and force him to suck it. 
Kendall sucked like a pro. Running and wrapping his tongue up and down James’s shaft making him cum with in a few minutes!  
When they finished, they walked out and dried off. Then they walked downstairs and clean the cum off of the leather couch and then rested for the first time. 

*   *   *

Justin bieber

A story written as a play. Between a twenty year old photographer and Justin Bieber. 
 This is the photographer, we'll refer to him as Chase. Now, he's not the head in the fakes, but I can only do so much with fakes today. Maybe the sequel?

The photographer:

[Enter: Justin into empty studio]

Justin: Hello? Hello?!

[Enter: Chase with camera in hand from other side door]

Chase: Good morning Mr. Bieber, sorry you had to be called in so early. Are you alone?

Justin: Yeah, it's too early! Didn't wanna' wake anyone up. 

Chase: Ah, I see. Now, I'm sure you're a busy boy, so let's get down to business. 

Justin: Boy? I'm a man, dude! Especially down there!

Chase: [Laughing] Right! What ever you say. Now please put this black shirt for the first segment. [Chase hands Justin a black shirt]

Justin: Alright man. 

Justin takes off his bookbag and shirt replacing it with the black shirt. All the while Chase is watching Justin and looking at him up and down. Justin takes notice. 

Justin: Like what you see, Chase?

Chase: Oh, you know my name?

Justin: Well, yeah. I'd like to know who might ask me to take nude pics'.

 Chase: I won't ask you that. I find it just rude to ask a girl to take her clothes off!

Justin: [Laughing] Shut up man! [Both laugh then Chase states taking pictures of Justin] 

Chase: Okay, I think we're good with the black shirt. Now, you need to do it shirtless. 

Justin: [Excited] Alright. Wait ... is that the company's or your decision.

Chase [Fakely seductive] It's me baby! 

Justin: [Returns fake seductive look] Oh ...! 

Chase smiles at Justin who returns it. As he slips off his shirt. Chase starts taking pictures.  

Chase: And we're done with that! Now, we go outside on the beach. 

Justin: Still shirtless? 

Chase: Um, no. [Takes beater of of table]

Justin: That? [Takes beater]

Chase: Yep! [Justin puts on beater and both exeunt]

[Enter: Justin and Chase on empty beach.]

Chase: Now, you just do whatever pose you want that looks sexy! I'll alter it just slightly.

Justin: So I get a boner and you jack it?

Chase: Yeah! Sure! Why not?

Justin: Great, I'm hung anyway!

[Justin then continues to do more poses. After about 4, Justin latches his thumbs into his pants. And very slowly, started to slip them off until he only had boxers on ... Chase gives him a dirty look and continued to take pictures. Justin then slips off his boxers, turning around as Chase continues to snap pictures.]

[Chase begins to slip off all of his clothes as Justin slowly takes off the beater leaving him and Chase completely naked  on the empty beach.]

[Chase puts camera on the grown on his clothes and briskly walks over to Justin. He pushed Justin down onto the sand and fell down on top of him connecting his lips to his. They start to kiss passionately running their hands up and down each others bodies. Sand attaching to their bodies as they grind their erections] 

[Chase gets up after a few minutes of kissing and He sticks hi rock-hard 8 inch dick out]

[Justin quickly scrambles to his knees and stuffs the entire thing in his mouth. He then continues into a rhythm that he bobs his head up and down on Chase's dick. He then gets creative. Justin wraps his tongue around the shaft. Then he bobs up and down with his head moving side to side.]

[After ten minutes, Chase stops him]

Chase: So you wanna fuck around huh?

Justin: Yes! Please! If you do fuck me, please go slow. Imma vigin!

Chase: There is no way in hell you are a virgin!

Justin: Being fucked yes. Fucking no.

Chase: Ah ... I see.

[Chase pulls Justin up by his thighs so that they are on their knees with Justin's back to Chase's stomach. Chase starts to run his head between Justin's hairless crack. His precum barley lubing his Justin's ass for penetration. Chase reaches over and pulls out a condom out of his pants. It was pre-lubed so he slid it on with ease]

[Chase then looks down to see that is on his knees with his face- or just his cheek- in the sand. He was using his hands to pry his cheeks open. Chase smiles and leans down to start to flick his tongue at the virgin hole]

Justin: [Moans] Yes! Chase! Yes! 

Chase: [Moans]

[Chase only penetrated Justin's hole once. it was so tight he could do more. Justin was screaming]

Chase: [Stands up on knees] If you liked that, you'll love this.

Justin:[Pleading] Yes! Chase, baby fuck me raw! Go slow first, but fuck me raw!

Chase: If you insist! 

[Chase slowly places the head of his dick on Justin's hole. Justin was shaking from the exctacy.]

Justin: [Moans]

[Chase slowly makes his way into Justin, who was squirming and moaning from the shear pleasure of a big meaty cock inside of him.]

[Slowly, but surely, they gain speed. A good tempo to a very fast speed]

Justin: [Screaming] Ahhh! AHHH! AHHH! IT'S SO HARD! YOU'RE SO GOOD!

Chase: [Yelling back] Hell yeah mothafucka'!

  [The two go at it so much that they are sweating bullets as the sound of Justin's screams of mercy. And the sound of flesh slapping together. Chase pulled out right befire he came]

Chase: C'mon let's go outside.

Justin: Let's go!

[Both leave the beach and go back inside into an adject room from the studio. There, a bay lay]

[Justin falls down on the bed and grabbs his dick]

Chase: Will you fuck me?

Justin: Maybe, I mean you didn't finish.

Chase: True ... but I've always wanted to be fucked by the BieberConda!

Justin: It's huge ... I know!

[Chase lunges down at Justin and takes in his entire dick in his mouth]

[Chase sucks Justin's dick until he cums. Then Chase turns over and Justin rubs his dick between Chase's ass]

[Justin then takes he dick away and goes in front of Chase]

Justin: Finish what you started! 

Chase: Alright! Alright!

[Justin and Chase spend the next two hours fucking hard in various positions]

[Now they are finished]

Justin: You're a good fucker!

Chase: and you're a good fuck!

[They both get dressed]

Chase: So will I be seeing you again?

Justin: That's a definite possibility. 

[Justin give him a seductive look. And leaves as Chase's next client comes it ... Nick Jonas]