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Zac Efron - Corbin Bleu sex story

So I found this really hot and sexy story online about Corbin Bleu and Zac Efron, and thought that you guys would all love it, so here it is: (sorry its so long); I think its really good so you should read the whole thing, it's so worth it!

Zac Efron rolled over in his bed. Finally, a day off. Having just finished up High School Musical 2, Zac is looking forward to his first day off in a month. Zac gets up and walks over to the bathroom to check himself out. Looking himself over, he admires his smooth, tan body. He scratches his chest and slowly moves his fingers over his boxer briefs.
As he steps out of the shower, Zac hears his cell phone ringing.
“Hey whats up Corbin?”
“O Nothin much, I’m tryin to get a game of basketball at my house, you in?”
“Awesome dude, I got nothing better to do. Who else is coming?”
“No one yet, but I'm gonna call up Jesse and a few other guys.”
“Sweet dude, I'm on my way.”
Zac threw on some black shorts and a white wife beater and drove over to Corbin’s house. Zac loved hanging out at Corbin’s because his parents were never home. He got there and Corbin answered the door wearing a very similar outfit to Zac’s. The only difference was that Corbin’s wife beater was black.
“Hey dude! That was quick.”
“Well you know me and basketball. So who else is coming?”
“No one yet, but its only 10:00, why don’t we play a few games of one on one and then make some phone calls.”
“Sounds good.”
Corbin had an awesome house. Both of his parents were doctors, so they didn’t even need to touch any of the money Corbin was making. They walked outside to Corbin’s full size basketball court and began shooting around.
Corbin started with the ball. He pulled a quick cross dribble on Zac and moved to the basket and scored. “I thought you’ve been practicing,” Corbin teased.
Corbin was a big trash talker, this kind of banter went on for the next few games. After four games, it was tied 2-2. “Okay, last game, then the loser has to make the drinks.”
“Deal! Your ball big shot” Zac said, as he threw the ball hard into Corbin’s chest. Zac tends to get real competitive, and he really wanted to beat Corbin. They were getting real sweaty and he was looking forward to having Corbin make him a drink.
The game went back and forth, it got real intense, but Zac ended up winning the game with a jump shot. “Oh, it looks like all my practicing really paid off. I sure am thirsty.”
They jogged back to the kitchen, Zac gave Corbin a friendly pat on the ass.
They were both very comfortable with each other, and neither of them thought anything of it.
“So what are you gonna make me?”
“Hmm, I was thinking of some orange Gatorade.” Corbin wasn’t just making any old Gatorade though, Zac and him had a tradition putting a little something extra in their drinks. This time Corbin chose Vodka. He mixed the drinks and handed one to Zac.
Zac took a sip. “Mmm, a bit strong, but nice. So what do you want to do now?”
“Eh, well let me check my cell and see if anyone called. Nope, I guess it might just be us for the day,” Corbin shrugged.
“Well that’s fine by me, lets watch some TV or something” Zac suggested as he walked over to the big screen.
They sat and watched TV. They flipped through for about a half hour but nothing was on. For Corbin, the special Gatorade was beginning to kick in and he was getting bored with watching the TV. “You want another one buddy? You are getting a little low.”
Zac went to hand his almost empty glass to Corbin when their hands bumped and Zac spilled the Gatorade all over his white shirt.
“Oh shit, I’m sorry dude, my bad!”
Zac just laughed, “Its cool dude, don’t worry about it, I have like 100 of these things, its all I wear around my house.” Zac casually pulled the wife beater over his head and used a dry part to dry off his damp stomach.
Zac was beginning to feel some effects of the Gatorade as well. “I’ll take that drink now.”
Corbin ran and made another batch. This time with a little more vodka.
Walking back, he handed him the drink and began talking. “Dude, you are lookin good, I thought those shots of you and Vanessa at the beach were fakes, but I guess not.”
“Yeah, well I figured I would be in the spotlight after HSM2 so I better get in good shape.”
“How is Vanessa doing anyway?”
“Eh, actually she has been pretty upset after that nude photo of her was released, she use to do anything with me. But now she says she’s not in the mood. I think she’s really bothered by what everyone is saying about her.”
“That sucks, how long has it been?”
“Like three weeks since we have fucked” Zac stated as he took a sip of his drink. “My balls are bluer than my eyes!” He jokingly grabbed his package through his shorts.
“Oh man, that sucks, especially since you could get like any girl around after that Rolling Stone cover you did.”
“Yeah, well I’ve been so busy I haven’t really even had time to jack off.” Zac reached under his underwear this time to itch his balls. He didn’t realize it, but just talking about sex was arousing him a bit. He took his hand back out, leaving a little more of a lump than was there before.
Corbin noticed his crotch, “Woah, settle down there buddy, it looks like you are getting a bit excited.”
“Woops, I guess I am, what you jealous?” Zac grabbed his dick again jokingly.
“Haha, you gotta be kidding me, you are just a little scrawny white boy! I’m black, haven’t you heard about black guys and their dicks?” There was now a noticeable lump growing in Corbin’s pants as well.
“Scrawny? You weren’t calling me scrawny a few minutes ago complimenting my body. Plus, Vanessa told me that it’s the biggest one she has ever seen.”
“Well, has she been with a black guy?” Zac shook his head. “That explains it then.”
At this point, Zac’s competitive attitude was taking over again. Without thinking, he stood up and pulled the front of his shorts and underwear down over his cock and balls. “Prove it than Mr. Black man!”
Corbin was taken back by Zac’s boldness. He didn’t know why but he could not take his eye off Zac’s growing member. He noticed Zac’s balls and cock were totally shaved. It was also much lighter in color than his cock (obviously). The entire shaft was the same thickness with a large reddish head at the end. Zac was big, but he thinks he can beat him. After staring for a good 10 seconds, Corbin snapped out of it, “Hah, you think that is big? Check this out!”
Corbin, still wearing his wife beater, pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. Corbin's cock was uncut, and about the same thickness of Zac’s cock, but his tapered and was thickest in the middle. “See, mine is bigger.” At this point, Zac and Corbin were in total competition mode.
All they knew was that they both wanted to win.
Zac said back, “No way man, that’s not fair, I’m not totally hard yet!”
“Okay, well get hard then, I’ll go get a ruler.” Corbin stepped out of his shorts and went over to a desk to find a ruler. Meanwhile Zac remained standing and began to fiercely stroke his cock while fondling his golf ball sized balls with his other hand. He was surprised that Corbin was that big. He had never seen a black cock before and didn’t not believe such a rumor would be true. He still thought that he may be bigger though, if he could get hard enough. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the fact that he hadn’t jacked off in days, but Zac was beginning to really feel good all over. He looked down at his now fully hard cock. `Woah’ he thought to himself, `I don’t remember my cock ever being this hard.’
“Okay, you ready now white boy?” Corbin said as he walked back towards Zac.
Corbin began stroking his dick just to make sure that he was fully hard.
To tell the truth, he had not expected Zac to be as big as him, this was going to be close.
“Yeah I’m ready” Zac said as he proudly let go of his engorged cock, letting it bounce up and down trying to intimidate Corbin.
Corbin put the ruler at the base of his cock, he was not fully shaved like Zac, but he kept his pubes very short. “9.5 inches, beat that!” He handed Zac the ruler.
Zac grabbed the ruler and put it to his meat. “Haha, 10 inches! I win again!”
“What? No way man, you are measuring wrong, you can’t put it under your dick, you have to measure from the top, like I did.” Corbin complained, not about to lose again to Zac. Corbin took the ruler out of Zac’s hand grabbed Zac’s hard cock and placed the ruler up to it not even realizing that he was now holding another guy’s dick in his hand. “See, you are 9.5 just like me.”
Zac felt his cock grow even harder then before when Corbin grabbed it. Not knowing how to react, he slapped his hand away. “Fine, it’s a tie, but mine is still thicker. How should we measure that?”
Corbin thought for a second. He was still a bit stunned over what he had just done. He just grabbed his best buddy’s cock. `Isn’t that gay?’ he thought, `I guess not, he likes girls, and Zac has a girlfriend.’ Still bewildered, Corbin conceded the thickness competition. “That’s cool man, I think you are thicker than me.” He turned to find his pants.
Zac began to gloat. “Haha, looks like I am winning everything today.” He was now standing there naked with a raging hard on watching Corbin pull his shorts back on. “You quitting already?”
“Yeah, man this is starting to freak me out a little bit. I think I may be too drunk.” Corbin said with his eyes on the floor. For whatever reason , he could not bring himself to look at Zac again. He was still hard and he couldn’t figure out why, all that was going through his head was how Zac’s hard cock felt in his hand.
“Dude, don’t worry about it, we are two buddies having some fun. I am sorry I pushed you away, I just get a bit too competitive sometimes. Lets call a truce.” Zac tucked his cock between his stomach and his waistband and put out his hand. Corbin walked up and shook his hand trying not to look at the top part of Zac’s still hard cock. “Truce, okay man well I sorry, but I am just too horny to get blue balled again. You got any good porn we could watch?”
“Watch?. Together?” Corbin asked, at this point everything was a bit fuzzy.
“Dude, I am sorry, but look at this thing, its not going down unless I relieve myself. I can do it in the bathroom if you want.” Zac pulled out his cock again and began to stroke it. Zac was not sure why but he was really liking the feeling of having his cock out for anyone to see. It felt great to be so open. Plus, he still couldn’t get over about how big his cock looked. He looked at his cock and then back up at Corbin, who was also staring at his cock. “What’s it gonna be buddy?”
“Um, just go to the bathroom man, I don’t even know where my porn is. But I will make us another drink since you won.” Corbin walked over to the kitchen.
“Okay, thanks” Zac walked shirtless towards the bathroom with his almost 10 inches still hanging out. He wasn’t sure why Corbin was acting so weird. Zac walked into the bathroom and began to admire himself in the mirror. Man, he really did have a nice body. His chest was well defined and he counted 6 abs as he grazed his hand over his stomach towards his cock. `Damn, look at this cock, it's so big. I wish it would always be this big.’ He decided not to close the door. Corbin was still in the kitchen.
Zac pulled his shorts all the way down and began to watch himself jack off in the mirror. A little bit of precum began to leak out of his cock so he grabbed it and used it for some lubrication. As he continued to jack off, he couldn’t help but start to think about how hard his cock got when Corbin touched it. Zac knew he wasn’t gay, but he also know that he liked the feeling of Corbin’s hand. He kept on thinking about it as he stroked his 10 inches faster and faster.
Corbin walked back towards the couch with two fresh vodka and Gatorades.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Zac was still in the bathroom, and he hadn’t closed the door. He put the drinks down and glanced directly at Zac. He noticed that Zac’s eyes were closed. Corbin couldn’t help himself, he continued to watch. He was feeling quite drunk and was starting to not care about what anyone would think. After all, Zac did leave the door open, and he wanted to do it on the couch. He crept closer and closer until he could see Zac’s entire body clinching as he beat his meat. Corbin’s own cock was beginning to grow again.
Zac’s eyes were still closed. He was about to cum, all he was thinking about was how Corbin touched his cock. He opened his eyes to watch himself cum when he saw Corbin standing there.
About to explode he motioned to him. Breathing deeply without even thinking about it he huffed “Corbin, please come over here and touch my cock again.” Corbin, mesmerized, walked over and knelt down in front of Zac. He grabbed Zac’s cock and gave it one half stroke. That was all it took to send Zac over the edge. Three days worth of sperm spewed forth onto Corbin’s face. “Holy shit dude, yeah, that feels so good,” Zac arched his back and took back control of his cock continuing to sploge all over Corbin who was now in a state of shock. He just knelt there as shot after shot of warm semen covered his face. After about the sixth squirt, Zac opened his eyes and looked down at Corbin. “O man, I am so sorry dude, I don’t know what came over me.” Zac reached for a hand towel as he stared at the damage he had done. Corbin's left eye was shut and covered with a huge glob of cum. There was also a large string looking piece hanging down from his fro. The rest of the cum seemed to have accumulated on his chin and was now dripping off onto the floor.
Corbin grabbed the towel from Zac.  He still could not believe what just happened.  'How the hell did he get himself into this?' He thought, 'Why did I do what he told me?  Why didn't I get out of the way when Zac's cum hit my face?'  Corbin's mind raced as he slowly wiped Zac's cum off his face.  "Jesus man, I am sorry about that.  I don't know what came over me." Zac said, as he pulled his shorts up over his sticky cock.  "That was pretty fucking hot though, thanks man."  "Umm," Corbin was speechless.  "I don't know man, I think I need to take a shower or something.  I want to be alone for a bit" Corbin stood up, put his head down and walked towards his room.  Zac felt a little bit bad and called after him, "Corbin man, like I said, I hadn't been laid for a while.  I was just too horny buddy.  Its not like we are gay"  "I... I know man, you know its just... well, I think I am too drunk.  You don't have to leave, I am just gonna jump in the shower."  A bewildered Corbin walked to the shower.  The distinct smell of Zac's cum was still in his nose and he had yet to spot the cum dangling from his curly brown locks.  Zac sat back down on the couch.  He kept on thinking about what just happened.  Quite frankly, Zac thought that it was really cool.  'Why not have a buddy help out?  Girls are great and all, but there is so much work involved.  Sometimes I just want to get off.  Corbin is my best buddy.  I know I am always horny.... I know he is always horny.'  Zac put his hand back down his pants and fondled his again swelling penis.  'Man.. I really am always horny'  Meanwhile... Corbin was in his bathroom looking at himself in the mirror. Still lost, Corbin at this point felt relieved that Zac didn't seem to care.  The real issues that Corbin had was that he could not figure out why he listened to Zac and also why he still had a raging boner!  He is not the type to just take orders like that.  Corbin took off his clothes and surveyed his body in the mirror.  His cock was still raging, he grabbed his dick and walked closer to his long mirror. 'Holy shit, is that cum in my hair?'  He grabbed the stringy gob and moved it between his fingers.  It felt a little different than his cum.  He transferred the cum to dick and began to use it as lubrication.  'Well if it won't go down I mine as well jack off.'  Corbin began to stroke his cock slowly playing mostly with the head, rubbing Zac's cum in.  He was close, so he moved over to the sink, put his head back an continued to stroke. Corbin could not help but think about the day's events.  First the measuring incident, and then getting dumped on by Zac.  Just then, as he replayed the instant Zac spewed out onto him, he came, shooting his load all over the mirror.  'Wow, that is a lot of cum for me.'  Corbin tended to jack off three to four times a day so his loads were usually more manageable.  Corbin, now relieved that his cock was back to its normal six inches, jumped into his shower.  Zac continued to play with his cock while watching TV and drinking his Gatorade.  By the time Corbin came back he came to a conclusion about his new 'buddy' theory.  Almost fully hard again, Zac began discussing and explaining this with Corbin.  "So what do you think buddy?" Zac asked.  Corbin looked down and away from Zac, "I don't know man, I mean I guess that is logical, I just feel like.... I don't know....I just have a funny feeling."  Zac interjected, "Well what do you say we try it... we are buddies... I won't tell anyone if you don't.  Remember, I know that I would be jackin off anyway, this way we can help each other out with our busy schedules."  Zac was now fully hard again, but took his hand off his 9.5 inches.  "Well, what do you mean exactly?" Corbin asked still trying to assess Zac's proposal.  He also noticed a little tingling in his crotch as well.  Zac noticed Corbin's bulge as well.  "Like right now man, you need to release, I do too... and I just came!  Come sit over here next to me."  Zac patted the cushion next to him.  Zac had never done anything like this, but he was a feeling the effects of this third drink.  "We'll do whatever you are comfortable with."  Corbin stood up and walked over to Zac and sat down.  "Pull down your pants," Zac told Corbin as Zac did the same.  Zac enjoyed being in charge.  "You should take off your beater too, you don't want to get cum on it or anything." Corbin did so, still a bit surprised about how casual Zac was acting.  His heart was beating really fast, but Zac seemed to be as cool as could be.  Zac took his shirt off as well, so they were now both sitting there with their pants around their ankles looking at each other's oversized wangs.  "Okay sweet, now you touch my dick again, I really liked that last time." Corbin hesitated, so Zac grabbed Corbin's dick with one hand and then pulled Corbin's hand onto his own.  "There, that's not so bad, just think about Jessica Alba or something."  Corbin, now slowing stroking his Zac's cock, was trying to think about anything but sex at this point, he was about to explode!  He didn't know whether it was Zac's hand lightly stroking his cock, or just the excitement of this new situation, but he didn't want to cum too quickly.  "That feels good," Zac said, as he picked up the pace a bit on Corbin's big black cock.  His entire hand was now wrapped around the base of Corbin's thick piece.  "Holy shit dude," Suddenly, without warning, Corbin began to come, shooting another impressive load onto his smooth chocolate stomach. A few last drops oozed out and got onto Zac's hand.  "Shit dude, warn me next time, I'm not all about touching your cum."  Zac stated, slightly turned off.  Corbin took his hand off Zac's throbbing cock.  "Sorry man," Corbin looked around, not knowing what to do at this point.  "Don't stop man, I still need to get off.  I didn't know you were gonna cum so quickly, what were you thinking about?"  Zac took Corbin's hand and put it back onto his cock.  "I don't know man...nothing." He stuttered as he awkwardly held Zac's thick meat.  "Nothing?  You just came in like a minute, when was the last time you jacked off?"  "Um..." Corbin looked away towards his room.  "O man, you did it in the shower?  You are one horny dude."  The very confident Zac began to focus again on what Corbin was doing to his dick. "Well, its gonna take me a bit longer, just keep stroking my dick, I am gonna think about that time I boned Ashley in her trailer."  Zac commanded.  Corbin wasn't sure why he was listening to everything Zac said, but Zac did get him off, so he did owe him.  He scooted over to Zac and positioned his still naked body so he could get a more comfortable grip.  Corbin wrapped his petit, soft hand around Zac's thick man meat and began to go up and down at a decent pace.  "O yeah man, that's it, you are fucking good at that, I knew this was a good idea."  Precum began to leak out of Zac's monster cock.  A bit mesmerized, Corbin used the precum to lube Zac's cock.  "O sorry dude..." Zac said, realizing it was bit hypocritical to make Corbin touch his precum (apparently the bathroom facial incident was already forgotten).  As Zac said this, he opened his eyes and looked at Corbin intently fulfilling his obligation.  Zac looked at Corbin and noticed that he was hard again. "Dude, you are hard again?  Do you like doing this?"  Corbin didn't know what to say.  But it was too late, It all clicked for Zac.  "That is why you are acting so weird.  You like touching my dick."  As Zac said this, a switch went off in Zac's head.  "No man.... I mean..."Corbin took his hand off Zac's cock.  Hearing those words come out of Zac's mouth was a harsh reality to face, but it did make sense of the recent events.  "Dude, if you are gay that is fine, but I don't think I should be touching you or anything.  I am just trying to get off." Zac saw a scared look in his eye.  "I don't mind you touching me though."  Zac took his hand again and put it on his cock.  Corbin pulled away.  "Come on man, you owe me, plus.... Look at your dick!  You are all boned up still!"  Corbin knelt down in front of Zac.  He was pretty excited, "Well, you promise you won't tell anyone?"  "Yeah man, just get to it already!"  Zac said.  Corbin continued his hand job, this time at a quicker pace.  "Yeah dude, stroke that dick, you really do like this huh?"  Zac looked down at him, smirking as his best buddy stroked his fat cock.  Zac also liked the control that he had over the situation, he was really getting off on it.  "Spit on your hand or something, I need more lube,"  Corbin spit on his hand.  He was at full mast again as well as he knelt in front of Zac.  "Nice, this is awesome, play with my balls with your other hand... Hey man, if you want, you can suck it..."  Zac looked down at him with a wicked grin.  "Um..."  "Just do it man, why are you being so weird.  You are obviously gay, just put your mouth on my cock."  Zac's tone suddenly changed, it was like they were on the court again, trash talking, only this time, Corbin was not responding.  This was different for Corbin, he just kept on doing what his best buddy said.  A frustrated Zac grabbed Corbin's head and pushed it onto his cock.  "There you go now, suck my big dick." Corbin did not show much resistance at all, he began to slowly take Zac's cock into his mouth.  He liked the way it felt in his mouth.  Zac really began to get into it.  'Holy shit' he thought, 'I just hit a gold mine, he is doing anything I want...'  "Hey man try to take the whole thing down" Zac pushed Corbin's head further down onto his cock until he gagged.  "O c'mon man, that was like four inches!  You can do better than that!"  Wanting to do as he was told, Corbin tried again, this time without Zac's 'help.'  He took a deep breath and interts Zac's cock again.  I really was not the length that was the problem, it was Zac's thickness.  As Zac's cock hit the the back of his throat, Corbin hesitated.  "Breathe through you nose man, try to get it all down, I am getting close. Do you wan t my cum inside you?"  Corbin nodded his head up and down as he managed to get Zac's cock into his throat.  It was a bit uncomfortable, but he now had about eight inches of Zac's cock inside him.  "That is fuckin awesome man, and I wont even have to clean up since you actually want my cum."Zac really liked this new turn of events so fast. Vanessa would never do what Zac said.  Corbin began to move up and down on Zac's cock now, really hoping to finish him off.  He wondered what another guys com tasted like.  Zac felt himself on the verge, "O man, here it comes buddy, ooh yeah, take that cum eat it up man."  Zac began realeasing his hot jizz into Corbin's mouth.  There was quite a bit, to to mention the fact that half of Zac's cock was in his mouth as well.  Cum began to leak out through the corners of Corbin's mouth.  "Wow, yeah man, drink up my cum. That felt fucking awesome."  Corbin really liked the taste of Zac's cum.  This was all so new, so Corbin was working totally on impulse.  He let go of Zac's deflated meat and cleaned off his mouth by licking his lips.  Then he looked up at Zac laying naked on his couch.  'Man, that wasn't bad at all.'  Suddenly Corbin's phone rang.  It was his mom, surgery got cancelled so she was on her way home.  "Shit dude, my mom is gonna be here in like five minutes."  "Shit, I better get out of here..."  Zac pulled up his shorts and found his shirt as Corbin scrambled around his kitchen still half naked with a raging bone attempting the hide any signs of alcohol.  "Ok dude, well call me later."  "Yeah, see ya man, " Neither really had time to process all that happened, but now was not time to discuss.  Zac got into his car and drove home.  Corbin fixed everything just in time.  He jumped into his shower again so he wouldn't have to face his mom right away.

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