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Justin bieber sex story

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Justin was an everyday singing choir boy at my high school. Justin stood 5’7" and was built like you'd expect a choir boy to be—slim but not to muscular. On a number of occasions, he'd been seen slipping serious tongue to some girl right out in the hallways of our school. And his after school exploits were legendary. But was I jealous of him? No. I didn't want all those girls he'd had. Actually, I wanted what the girls had had---Justin! 
I had never done anything sexual with a guy. Actually, at 18, I, like many of my classmates, had never done anything sexual besides jerking off every day to one fantasy or another. It's not that I wasn't good looking. Most girls seemed to consider me one of the "cute" guys in the class. It's just that I'd never gotten very far with any of them--maybe deep down I really didn't want to. 
Then I started to think about Justin. I had never had fantasies about any guy before, but one night it just started. I was lying in bed, rubbing my stiff dick, when, instead of some woman in a Playboy magazine, I started thinking about Justin. I thought about his perfect brown hair. I thought about his dick I’d seen rippling under his pants and in plain view in the locker room after gym class. I'd only seen it that once in the locker room, but I'll never forget it. Not that it was so long. He wasn't like one of those 10 or 12 inch freaks you see in porno movies. His dick was just perfect, like it was sculpted. It was thick but not too long. It looked like it'd make it to about 6 or 7 inches hard, maybe a little more. And there was a tuft of brown hair at its base. Below that hung two nice big balls. At the time, I certainly took note of his dimensions, but I didn't really feel turned on until that night lying in bed. 
Lying there, thinking about him, I felt an amazing desire suddenly come upon me. I decided that what I wanted was to be held by Justin. To have him kiss me deeply and to feel his dick rubbing against mine. Thinking about this was all it took to strip away the self· control I normally had when I jerked off. I blew a huge wad all over myself. It was the strongest orgasm I'd ever had. And I hadn't even figured out all I wanted to do if I ever got the chance. 
My fantasies had just begun. Of course, I never expected to be able to get it on with Justin. How could I know anything else? After all, we weren't good friends, more like acquaintances. Mostly, we saw each other at football games. He sang I took pictures of him for our school newspaper. That's really all there was to it.
Then, one Friday after school, I got out of the school newspaper's office just as Justin was coming down the hall with Dac, one of his fellow choir boys. "Hi guys, I said.”Hey Mik," Justin replied, "What's up?" Then an idea to keep him around a few minutes dawned on me. "Well, I'm glad you're here," I said. "I have a bunch of pictures of you we won't be using in the paper. You want to see which ones you want? You can take them with you." If nothing else, I'd get to look at Justin in his tight jeans for a few more minutes. It would give me something else to think about at night. 
So I ushered Justin and Dac through the newspaper office to the back room where we kept all of the photographs and equipment. It was a little dark, but there was enough light to see the pictures. As they were looking through them, Justin said jokingly to Dac, "Hey, look out for him [about me]. You know what he's like with guys. He might jump you." We all laughed. I thought it was really funny how close he was to the truth. But to them it was all the same bullshit they used in the locker room. Then Dac said, "Hey, I gotta go. I told my mom I'd get home early." So we said goodbye to Dac, and then it was just Juaton and me alone in there. 
I really didn't expect anything to happen, until Justin said, "Hey Ryan, come look at this one." I walked over to his side, and Justin showed me one picture, then another and proceeded to ask me which I liked the most. I told him he looked great in all of them. All the while I felt him leaning in closer to me. Then he said, "Look at me." I turned and was staring up into his brown eyes--he's about 4 inches shorter than me. I immediately felt my dick pressing against my pants. Then he said, "Can you keep a secret?" 
"Sure," I said, "Anything." 
"Promise you'll never tell a soul?” he asked.
"Sure. Never." 
"Well, I could never tell the guys this, but I think I may be gay."
"What do you mean?” I asked, trying to hide my delight and my hard-on. "Well," Justin said, "I'm probably the only guy in school who has screwed as many girls as he says he has, but it just doesn't feel right. I mean, it feels great. Cumming into some hot little virgin whose cherry I just took feels great for my dick, but it doesn't seem like what I want. For the longest time, I've had a sort of feeling or attraction for a bunch of the guys. I felt like I want to do more than just hang out with them and play ball with them. And you're one of the guys I feel attracted to." I was stunned. This was my wildest fantasy come true. What could I say? 
"Actually, Justin," I replied, "I've had a crush on you for a while and I don't understand it." His eyes lit up at that. "What's to understand?” he said. "Let's give it a try. I was just so afraid you'd freak when you heard me say this. This is great." "But what should we do," I asked. "I don't know, let's just try stuff." With that, I felt my body pressing against his, and we both started running our hands up and down each other's bodies. Then we stopped, and we knew what we wanted next. We were just unsure about actually doing it. Justin tilted his handsome face up towards mine, and I looked down into his deep brown eyes. Our lips met. Lightly at first as we tried this out, then deeper. Soon, I felt Justin's tongue on my lips. Then, our tongues were snaking in and out of each other's mouths. 
We kept running our hands over our bodies, and my right hand found its way to Justin's dick. I felt it, hard as a rock, and bigger than I expected it to feel. Justin moaned right into my mouth and reached for my dick. As I felt his hand on my dick, I started cumming in my pants. All I could do was break our kiss and quickly fish my dick out of my pants. I got it out in time to keep most of my wad from winding up in my shorts. That kinda killed part of the impact of my orgasm, but it gave us both an idea. 
Justin said we should both jerk off right there. I loved the idea. I reached over and unbutton the buttons holding in Justin’s dick. Then I pulled them down his slim hips. Then I grabbed the waistband of his briefs and pulled them down. But I had to pull the front way out to get it past the protrusion jutting out from them. As I did this, Justin's big dick popped free. 
His dick looked to be a good seven or eight inches--about an inch longer than mine. He wrapped his hand around it and started pumping. "Why don't we watch each other jerk off?” he said. "I've got a better idea," I said. I stripped off all of my clothes and told him to do the same--I had the only key to the room we were in, so I knew we were okay. Justin ripped off every shred of his clothes, and he looked incredible. Like a model of what the perfect male looks like. I then took his hands and put them on my dick. Then I grabbed his hard cock and began pumping. We stood there like that for a couple of minutes, until I got up the nerve to try something more. I leaned my head forward and licked and sucked his nipples. A few licks on each was all he could take. "Oh, shit, I'm gonna cum, Mik. I can't hold it" was all Justin said. Then, he stopped pumping against my hands and his dick shot spurt after spurt of his white cream against my chest. 
Seeing his jizz spurting from the head of his dick and feeling it hitting my bare skin was all it took for me to cum a second time- ­this time with so much force, I thought I'd hurt myself. Then we collapsed against each other, breathing hard and laughing. "That was great," he said. "Yeah, I can't believe we did it. It's a dream come true." "Yeah, but we're covered in cum," Justin said a minute later. At that, I started to lick my cum off of him. It tasted great. I couldn't wait to taste his cum. I licked his chest and stomach, licking every last inch clean. All this time, he was running his hands through my hair. When I'd gotten it all, I stood up and he licked me clean. 
By this time, we'd given each other erections again, but it was getting late. We both had to get going before someone started to get worried--what if someone came looking for us? So we agreed to meet later that night at a motel he'd taken some girls to. The guy at the desk never gave Justin a problem about his age. So we met there at ten o'clock. It had been a long evening. My hard-on never diminished, but I didn't want to jerk off knowing what was coming later. I waited across the street from the motel, watching for Justin. Then he showed up. Even in the dark, there was no problem spotting him walking up the street. I'd know that physique anywhere.
As we had agreed, I waited until Justin got the key from the desk, then I watched where he went and followed him. This way, the guy at the desk figured it was just Justin bringing around yet another girl to ball. When I got to the room I'd watched Justin enter, I knocked lightly on the door. It opened immediately, and I went in. Justin then locked and chained the door behind me. The room was nothing special, except for the one thing I'd always thought of when I thought about a place like this. It actually had a mirror on the ceiling above the bed! It was obvious that we were both nervous. Then Justin suggested a warm shower to loosen up. After all, we had plenty of time. We had both told our parents that we were sleeping over at friends' houses, and Justin rented the room for the whole night. 
So we started to strip off our clothes. It probably would have been better for us to help each other, but we were just too anxious to think of that. As each piece of Justin's clothes came off, I felt more and more like it was all a dream. He was absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't believe this was happening. After a minute, we were both completely naked. Then Justin said something to me that I never expected to hear from him, "You're beautiful." It never occurred to me that he must like my looks too. He took me in his arms, and we kissed. It was a deep, probing kiss, our tongues intertwined. I broke it off and took Justin's hand, leading him into the bathroom. 
The shower and bath weren't huge, but they were a pretty good size. As I leaned in to adjust the water temperature, I felt Justin's hands on my ass. Then he was rubbing his dick up against me--he was hard already. "Not yet," I said, "I'm not ready to do that yet." "Yeah, okay," Justin replied, not sounding at all disappointed. "If you want, you can do me first," he countered. At that, I suggested that we take this one step at a time. The water had gotten to a good temperature by then, so we stepped slowly into it. The way the water washed over Justin's hair made him look even sexier, something I didn't think was possible. To prolong things, we each took turns kneeling in the water so the other could rub in shampoo. We went through an entire washing ritual. Well, at least for the head and body until we got down to the waistline. 
It was my turn to soap up Justin, and the next area to be washed was sticking straight out at me. I said I had a better idea than using soap and water, "but you better coach me along 'cause I don't really know what to do," I told him. Then I worked up my nerve and leaned forward, taking as much of his cock as possible into my mouth. As I closed my mouth around his dick, I could feel it throbbing. I grabbed his beautiful, tight ass cheeks and started sucking his dick for all I was worth. At first, all he said was to be careful with my teeth. Then, after a minute, he said that I shouldn't just try to suck. 
"What really feels best is to have the head of your dick licked," he said. So, I pulled back and looked at his dick. Then, holding his dick tightly with my right hand, I licked the tip of it, then the right side, then the left, alternating strokes all around it. All along Billy had his hands in my hair as the water ran down over the two of us. As I licked, he was moaning how great it felt, encouraging me. "Oh yeah, that feels incredible. Yeah, Mik. Yeah, lick it!" 
Then I noticed his balls pulling in and getting tighter. "Put all of me in your mouth again," he almost begged. So I did, and he started a slow pumping action, with his hands on the back of my head and his hips pumping as if my mouth was one of the pussies he'd fucked, shoving his dick in about halfway then pulling out again. I was grateful that he didn't shove it in all the way. I never could have handled that without choking. As he did this, I hadn't even touched my own dick, but I felt like I could cum right then. So I reached down with my right hand and started pumping my own dick. As I did this, I reveled in the feel of his dick in my mouth. It felt hard as a rock, except for the bottom of it which felt sort of softer and velvety but still very firm against my tongue. My left hand never left his tight buns and I could feel his muscles pulling them even tighter as he thrust into my mouth.

Then Justin made a sort of gasping sound and barely moaned "I'm cumming Mik!", as I felt his dick start to jump and spurt. He stopped his thrusting, just holding the back of my head, as I felt every spurt flowing through his dick. I felt the pulses on the bottom of his dick as it rested on my tongue. 
Then I tasted his semen for the first time. It tasted wonderful. It was a little salty, but I it was the best taste in the world. With that, I started cumming. I shot a huge load that splashed all over Justin's legs. I must have shot for a solid minute. Then, before it could get washed down the drain, Justin reached down and ran his finger along his legs to pick up what he could. Then he took his cum-soaked finger and put it in his mouth. I let his dick drop from my mouth and stood up. "You're delicious," he said. "Couldn't be as wonderful as what I just tasted," I declared. We kissed again and then proceeded to finish our washing. We were done in a minute or two, and I shut the water as we stepped out of the tub. We toweled each other off, and it quickly became apparent that we weren't going to get much sleep that night. Already, we were both rock hard again. I stood there, the luckiest guy in the world as far as I could tell. 
I had just stepped out of the shower with my school's star high school singer. We were both hot for each other, a fact I'd only discovered that afternoon. Of course, I knew for a long time that I desired Justin, but I never dreamed the feeling was mutual, until this very afternoon when he confessed it to me. Since then, we'd jerked each other off and then met at a hotel where I'd just sucked him off in the shower while I jerked off with my free hand. Now I was following Justin back out into the bedroom, all the way with my eyes fixed on the tightest, most amazing ass I'd ever seen. Justin had no a hair on him, except for his beautiful head of brown hair and the ones around the base of his cock. Both of us were sporting hard-ons again. He told me to lie on the bed, so I did. I was laying face down, and I had no idea what was next--we were learning together. 
Justin climbed on top of me, and I could feel his big cock rubbing against the crack in my ass as he kissed up my back and over my shoulders and neck. "Roll over," he said, and we went into a deep embrace, rolling together, as our mouths found each other in deep, passionate tongue kisses. His body felt amazingly strong, and I knew I'd let him do ANYTHING he wanted to do to me. 
Justin told me to lie still, and he started kissing his way down my chest. He stopped to suck my nipples, first the right one then the left. He licked, sucked and nibbled on each one before continuing to tongue his way down over my belly. As he approached to my dick, I was hoping he'd keep on going. Of course, I figured Justin knew a little more about how to give blow jobs than I did. He'd never given one before. So, when he started licking the head of my dick, I just hung on for the ride. Justin licked all around the head and down my rock-hard shaft. Then he moved down to my hanging balls and licked at them for a minute. Moving back to my dick, he began a pattern of motions. He would lick around the head, then take more than half the shaft into his mouth, sucking me, then come back up to again lick around the swollen head of my dick. I had never gotten a blow job before, and it took all of my self-control to keep from shooting on the first few licks. 
As Justin continued to bob his handsome head up, down and around my dick, I told him I was about to cum. Even so, he didn't let up for a moment. I had put my hands in his hair and was rubbing his head as he sucked me off. I felt my balls tighten and a tingling in my legs as I squeezed my butt tight, feeling the impending orgasm. "I'm cumming!” I yelled, and Justin just kept on sucking. I came harder than I ever had before. I shot again and again into Justin's sucking mouth. He just kept sucking me, trying to get every drop, as I thrashed about on the bed from the almost unbearable pleasure of it. Finally, after what seemed like a (heavenly) eternity, my orgasm subsided. Justin let my dick drop from his cum-dripping mouth and looked up at me, lines of my semen running all over his chin. "How was that?", he asked. "Not bad," was all could say, gasping for breath. 
He moved back up the bad and lay next to me. We kissed gently, even though he must have needed to cum very badly. I could feel his penis throbbing against my side. As we kissed, I tasted my jizz on his lips. "Give me a minute," I said, "I need to catch my breath."
"No problem," Justin answered, "I love looking at you anyhow. I'll just do that for now." I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I know, it's an hour later and I'm waking up to the feel of a tongue on my ass. I looked down, and saw my beautiful blond-haired, blue-eyed stud licking my ass.
"Thought I'd try something else," he said.
"I'm surprised you waited so long," I replied. 
"Yeah, so am I. I thought my dick was gonna explode."
"And is it?", I asked.
"How about inside of you, Mik?"
"Okay," I said, "but take it easy. I know you've taken a lot of cherries, but I'd appreciate it if you'd be gentle with mine." 
"You got it."
With that, Justin spread my ass cheeks and proceeded to do something I'd only read about in the raunchiest of the porno mags. He licked my asshole. Not just once or lightly. He darted his tongue all the way in and licked around my hole. It felt wonderful. "Sure you haven't done this before?", I asked as my hard-­on returned, pressing into the mattress.
"Sure I've done it before," he said, "with a girl I fucked in this very bed. I've just never done it where the other side of the body had a gorgeous dick attached." He returned to his licking for another fantastic minute, then got to his knees and looked like he was about to use his own saliva to lube his dick. 
With that, I asked if I might not be able to help. So he slid up the bed as I rolled over. Justin was straddling my chest, as his dick pointed at my mouth. It was definitely the most beautiful dick I'd ever seen. I opened my mouth, and he slid it in. This time I got nearly all of it in. I felt his big balls slap my chin, and I put my hands on his ass to encourage him to fuck my mouth like he had in the shower. But he pulled back and said we'd have plenty of time for that later, "after we both lose our virginity." That thought really got my dick throbbing. 
First Justin was gonna shove that throbbing pole up my ass, then I'd really get to feel the power of the muscles in his tight ass as they gripped my teenage dick. Justin moved back down the bed, and I rolled over again to give him access to my anus. I lifted my butt a little, and he spread my cheeks with his hands. Next, I felt the head of his dick, slick with my saliva, slip between my cheeks. 
What came next wasn't as painful as I'd expected. As this big stud pushed hard, the head of his dick slipped into my anus. There was a sharp pain, but it soon faded. Justin slowly slid the rest of his dick into me until I could feel his balls pressed against my ass. "That feels great," I moaned.
"From this end too. I've NEVER felt anything this tight," Justin countered. With that, he leaned forward and licked and kissed the back of my neck. Then he began pumping in and out of my ass. I reached back and grabbed the sides of his hips. "What are you doing?", he asked.
"I have a better idea," he replied. Justin pulled his dick all the way out of my butt and told me to roll over. I asked what he planned to do, and he said he wanted to fuck me "missionary style." I said that was impossible, but he didn't think so. So we took one of the pillows and put it under my ass. Then Justin had me pull my legs up in the air as high as I could. He knelt down and rubbed his dick against my ass cheeks again, until he found my hole. Then he pushed it in all the way. I couldn't hold my legs up too long, but, with him kneeling forward only a little as he banged me, I was able to let my legs drop onto his shoulders. Then I just enjoyed the ride. 
This was more than I'd ever thought possible. I was able to see the mirror above the bed, and watching his back and ass as he pumped into me was like watching a porno flick and getting butt-fucked all at once. It was an amazing added rush. I was also able to watch the amazing looks of pleasure on his face. Justin was pulling almost all the way out of my ass, then thrusting back in up to his balls. 
As he stroked and stroked, his mouth dropped open and he closed his eyes. Every muscled line on his neck shown with the sheer pleasure he was getting. I hadn't even touched my dick, and I was already on the verge of cumming. Justin started to thrust even harder, actually shoving my whole body back and forth on the bed. Then he looked down at me and reached down to play with my nipples, pulling and twisting them. His pace and his breathing became even faster, and I knew he was going to cum soon. I felt his cock start to quiver in my ass as he fucked me, and I knew it would start to gush its juice at any second.
"I'm gonna cum, Mik," he said, "kiss me while I cum." He leaned as far forward as he could and I grabbed the back of his head with my left hand, pulling our mouths together. We kissed deeply as his dick spurted what felt like of a gallon of his hot cream into me--I could feel every spurt. At the same time; I grabbed my dick with my free hand and pumped frantically. Almost instantly, I came, shooting lines of cum all over both of us. We came for what felt like forever.
Then Justin removed his dick from my well fucked ass and collapsed next to me. We kissed and cuddled together, exhausted from our first real fuck. It was just midnight and we had hours to go, but we needed a few minutes' rest first. I couldn't believe how good it all felt. It was better than my wildest, wettest dream. My hunk of a quarterback had emptied his big balls up my ass and I had shot my load all over both of us. We rested a little, but the feel of his hard body against mine had me hard again in minutes. 
Justin had taken my virginity, and now it was my turn to take his anal cherry. I had him roll over onto his stomach and started to do what he had done to me. "Tell me if I'm doing this good," I said. He hunched up his ass, and I licked all along the crack. Then I began to part his rock solid cheeks, and it wasn't easy until I told him to relax a little. I managed to get to Justin's pink asshole, and I felt no restraint from that moment on. I started to lick at his asshole, sticking my tongue in as much as I could. He spread his huge, muscular legs further, and I kept up my rim job, learning what he liked as I went.
I moved down for a minute and licked his big balls. "Oh yeah, Mik, I could cum again right now."
"Not yet, first things first." I then, spit in my hand and rubbed it on the head of my throbbing boner. Then I put the head against Justin's pink asshole. At first, I couldn't get it in. It almost started to bend in half when I began pushing. Then he relaxed his sphincter muscles a little, and I was in. Nearly my entire dick went in with the one thrust, and Justin grunted loudly. "Oh Mik, that's incredible." I've never felt anything like that." Neither had I. It felt like I couldn't even move my dick, he had such a grip on it. But I slowly made small pumping motions, never really getting to long strokes. I reached around and grabbed my lover's big cock. It was hard as granite. I could feel every beat of his heart through it, and I ran my hand down to find his balls pulled in tight like he was about to shoot. 
With that, I pulled all the way out. "Roll over," I said. He smiled and did it, knowing what I had in mind (exactly what he had just done with me). I didn't have to say anything, and he pulled his legs up towards his chest. He was amazingly flexible, and I had easy access for reentering him. I slid back in much more easily than my first entry. Again, he moaned, and I delighted in watching the look of sheer, intense pleasure on his strikingly handsome face. As I began my short pumping motions again, Justin reached down to his dick and began pumping it rapidly with both hands. Almost immediately, he shot an immense load of semen all over me. 
The feeling of his cum spurting up onto my chest and face, combined with the squeezing Justin's orgasm put on my dick, pushed me way over the brink. I shot deep inside him, collapsing onto his chest from the sheer, unbelievable pleasure of it. I had stopped pumping, but my dick was still spurting from the tightness of his ass and the squeezing of his orgasm. Eventually I stopped shooting cum into him, and I started to catch my breath. 
As I did, we kissed lightly. Then I lifted myself up a little, and we both looked down and couldn't help but laugh a little. The outlines of our muscles were highlighted by what looked like a glistening sea of cum. Justin must have cum a gallon. We kissed and hugged and fell asleep in each other's arms

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